Double A Grade BRC accreditation for FRIP Scotland and FRIP Redditch

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FRIP Finishing has gained Double A accreditation at its plants in Scotland and Redditch following the award of Double A BRC accreditation in FRIP Hinckley.

Group managing director Leslie Gibson is delighted with the results of months of hard work, saying: ‘We set out an ambitious timetable of achieving accreditation for both of these sites by the end of the year, and are delighted to confirm our success. FRIP Finishing is the only decorative print finisher in the UK with this accreditation which covers all of our specialist lamination and hot foil stamping services.’

The food sector is especially important to FRIP where customers are looking for assurance in both the safety and high hygiene of their printed cartons. Over the past year FRIP has processed over 50 million sheets of B1 and above for this sector and achievement of BRC is seen as a foundation to the company’s growth strategy of meeting stringent customer needs.

Leslie goes on to say: ‘BRC has had a positive impact on the group by providing a focus for achieving high professional standards in the way that we conduct our business. The competitive nature of the print finishing sector requires that we give our customers reasons to use us rather than a competitor. This is just one of the routes by which we seek to give our customers added value.’

Alan Mortimer, northern regional manager, endorses Leslie’s views, saying: ‘BRC has led to improved standards across all functions of our business which have been very well received by our staff and customer base. The investment and commitment required to achieve this standard demonstrates the group’s intention to remain the market leader in our sector. Next up for the Group is BRC accreditation at our Stockport site which is scheduled for April 2018.’

Malc Griffin, group systems manager, also added: ‘The standards required for BRC have been well received by our staff members, who have been fully engaged in the process from the outset, recognising the changing nature of our Industry and the opportunity that the food sector provides.’

The adoption of BRC across the Group represents an investment of over £200,000 for the company.

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