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Dantex has announced that it is hosting an open house on the 17 and 18 July, in conjunction with key partners, focusing on inkjet solutions.

Simon Cosh, Dantex business development manager, said: ‘There are still many misconceptions and questions surrounding digital press technologies available in the market today. What this open house aims to achieve is to offer greater insight into true digital printing to enable customers to see why inkjet should be the preferred technology in the future of print. We will be supported by experts from across the full print process with presentations and live demonstrations of a variety of inkjet press specifications.’

Andy Abbott. Dantex general manager, added: ‘Experts will be on hand from Xaar, Rotometrics, Herma, Bar Graphics, Graphic Republic and, of course, Dantex to answer questions on workflow, colour management, print materials, finishing, printheads and presses, including important areas such as service and support. We will also demonstrate the real cost of ownership of digital print based on customers’ individual requirements.’

The event will be held at Danon House, 5 Kings Road, Bradford, West Yorkshire.

To register contact info@dantex.co.uk or call 01274 777777

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