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Wigston Paper has announced the appointment of Jane Guildford, who will represent the company in London and the south as part of the business development team

Jane, who has more than 10 years experience in paper sales and development, said: ‘Wigston Paper is a well respected company in the commodity grade paper sector, and when I heard that it was moving into the creative paper sector in the London area that sparked my attention. Having sold ‘white papers' for the past 10 years, I knew that promoting and selling coloured papers and their possibilities would not only be a welcome challenge for me but I would learn much along the way.’

Jane's focus will include spearheading the launch into the marketplace of Wigston Paper's new Senses range of 35 shades of premium coloured paper and board designed specifically with creatives and designers in mind.

The Senses range, due to be introduced this summer, was developed with artisan European papermakers using trend reports and in-depth market research over 12 months and backed by Wigston's decades of experience in the paper market. The range is 100% trend driven and answers the demands of the creative industry for a new and inspirational range of creative paper and board.

Jane has a strong track record of promoting the uptake of new innovations. Prior to joining the paper industry, she spent 15 years within the business intelligence centre of global research organisation SRI Consulting, which conducts research on emerging technologies and the opportunities they offer within different industries, helping companies keep abreast of any forthcoming changes that might affect their business.

Jane added, ‘I am very much looking forward to being involved in exciting projects across all sectors. There are many applications that use paper and board and each one is unique in shade and texture. It is always interesting to see the evolving trends in paper choice and how and why they change over time.’

She continued, ‘As a priority in my new role I will be targeting the people who specify the products being used on projects, including creative printers, design and branding agencies, luxury packaging companies, book publishers and binders – really anyone who would potentially use a luxury range of coloured papers.

‘Building on my experience in both innovation development and sales, I like to use a consultative approach – listening to the customer, identifying their paper needs and, using the knowledge about creative papers I have gained over the years, helping them make the right paper choice for their project.’

Director Rob Walker added, ‘We are delighted to have Jane on the team, and we know that her collaborative and supportive way of working will bolster relations between Wigston Paper and our customers in London and the south. These are exciting times for us with new product launches just over the horizon, and we believe that Jane's experience and enthusiasm are a perfect fit for both our company and our existing and potential clients.’

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