New Omega Pro MC 54: extremely small details in high definition

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Atlantic Zeiser has introduced a newly developed UV inkjet printer Omega Pro MC 54, a cross system printing and coding solution for applications in various industries. Suitable for all colours including white, the new device provides outstanding print quality at high speeds. Additionally, the monochrome printer features a scalable print width starting at 54 mm and is capable of handling numerous types of substrates, thereby qualifying for a wide range of applications. ‘The new Omega Pro MC 54 is a cost efficient printing system for various coding and serialisation solutions. With its performance range regarding speed, print width variation, compactness, and availability, this printer may currently very well be unique worldwide,’ said Jens Walkerling, head of the inkjet department at Atlantic Zeiser. ‘Together with the already introduced colour printer, Omega Pro 4C 54/108, we offer optimal coding solutions covering very different applications.’

Thanks to equipment specifications, the Omega Pro series printers are highly efficient systems. The fully automated, no contact cleaning of the inkjet nozzles, for instance, ensures continuously perfect print quality, optimal nozzle availability, and minimises UV ink use. Manual cleaning of the printheads is no longer required, which means that operators can perform other tasks during this process. The ink system is designed for circulation which prevents cavitation effects such as air bubbles and provides a smooth printing process. Even with its new features, the new Pro MC 54 is just as compact as the proven Omega printers and can be easily integrated into any production environment. The corresponding drying system uses UV-A LED technology which means that energy consumption and UV bulb lifespan are not major issues for the system’s economic efficiency.

Thanks to a 600 dpi resolution, even the finest details and contours can be optimally displayed – even with font sizes as small as 3 point. ‘Considering the amount of information that must be printed on packaging today, that is an important factor,’ said Jens. ‘Combined with our UV inks, the Omega Pro printheads fulfill the highest customer requirements while providing excellent reliability and ease of use. They produce especially high contrast prints which are resistant to water, light, and abrasion. According to standardised abrasion tests, the printed data is four times more resistant than thermal transfer printing, making it considerably more durable. This is a distinct advantage especially in the personalisation of plastic cards. In this field, the no contact drop on-demand inkjet process is approximately three times (banking cards) to 20 times (eg gift cards) faster than traditional technologies.’

Atlantic Zeiser provides outstanding UV LED inks – developed and produced in-house – for the Omega Pro, amongst them special and low migration inks for all colours, including white.

For Atlantic Zeiser, the new Omega Pro printer generation is an important investment in the future. Currently, users in many industries are desperately searching for new solutions enabling cost efficient coding, personalisation, and serialisation. ‘The Omega Pro MC 54 is exactly the right system for that challenge: compact, extremely reliable, and highly versatile,’ concluded Jens.

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