New Digital Factory v10 OKI TT Edition


Building on the momentum of the original release of Digital Factory OKI TT Edition, CADlink Technology has released a new version of the software already widely used by shops leveraging OKI transfer printing in the customisation/personalisation markets. End users as well as resellers worldwide have recognised the incredible value that such specific colour management, production workflow software adds to the investment made in the OKI printer technology.

The software includes professionally created colour profiles for a wide assortment of transfer media options and specifically engineered drivers for most commonly used OKI transfer printers including the 8432WT model.

‘This new release includes new time saving, simplified tools that are essentially able to automate the entire printing process from job preparation to completed project,’ said Michael Chramtchenko, CADlink technology director of marketing. ‘The difference between profitable projects and money losers is the ability to bring in artwork, set it up for production, and ensure the best possible colour output quickly and without having to reprint due to errors. The specific feature set included within this software enables shops to do this on a consistent basis.’

Digital Factory v10 OKI TT Edition includes many features not found in driver based print solutions or other RIP software packages including white under base choke to eliminate bleeding, easy queue adjustments, ‘no ink’ patterns to improve image feel and wash fastness on garments, plug-ins that support sending of jobs directly from Corel and Adobe design packages, layout template options and much more.

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