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Antalis launches KernowPrint’s static controlled range for HP Indigo synthetics

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Antalis has introduced a new portfolio of HP Indigo printable synthetics. This latest innovation from KernowPrint features the company’s Cobalt Coating Technology which maximises LEP ink adhesion of HP Indigo inks.

The new line of HP Indigo printable materials has been designed specifically for those wanting to print on small format synthetics. Whilst the durable, tear resistant and long lasting benefits of printing on synthetics have opened new doors for printers, users have been faced with the frustrations of static build up and print anomalies.

Rigorously tested, the new Cobalt Coating Technology has been engineered to enhance the way synthetic media runs through HP Indigo hardware. The result is a highly durable, static controlled suite of polyester, polypropylene and specialty synthetic substrates which deliver vibrant colours and flawless prints, as well as optimal performance on press.

The new range includes:

KernowPrint Elite Synthetic Paper – a brighter white synthetic with a superior print finish, as well as superior static control. Extremely easy to use, it runs like paper and can be used for one shot or multi shot jobs. Thanks to its outdoor durability and UV stability, Elite is recommended for signage, harsh environment tags, wet environment labels, as well as a range of other formats including menus, point of purchase displays and maps.

KernowPrint Vivid Synthetic – enables printers to hit colour gamuts beyond typical Indigo ink capabilities. Water resistant and tear resistant, this is an exceptional synthetic sheet for durability when compared with PP, PE, or PVC. The range, available in various colours including yellow, orange, red, green, blue and black, has an extremely strong ink bond and reduces overall ink load, allowing for better colour performance and print adhesion. Like Elite, Vivid Synthetic is 3-Star RIT certified and can be used for one shot or multi shot jobs. Ideal for colour coded tags, fine art pieces and corporate colour pieces, to name a few.

KernowPrint MetaliK – this range of highly reflective boards will be optimised with new chemistry designed to control static. The new MetaliK range, compatible with S3 and S4 presses, will be the first fully charge controlled, metallised board available on the market. A versatile and perfect solution for luxury product packaging such as champagne boxes, greeting cards and brochure covers.

Already, Kernow has reported that these new materials have seen early success in helping customers win new business in the menu, booklet, photo and point of purchase sign markets.

James Jarvis, Antalis' channel director for Print, commented: ‘With HP Indigo constituting nearly half of all colour digital print produced globally, it is vital that we have the very best digitally printable synthetic substrates available. Kernow’s revolutionary cobalt surface coating will address the challenges experienced by Indigo users to date, helping them to tap into new markets as they produce digital print media that is more vibrant.’

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