Graphic display specialist Leach appoints new board to fuel £25 million revenue target

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Huddersfield headquartered graphic display specialist Leach has announced the formation of a new senior management team, following the company's acquisition by French owned Chargeurs group, back in April.

Richard Leach – great grandson of the company’s founder – has stepped down as managing director to pave the way for finance director James Lavin to take over the reins of the company. Richard – and co-director Jim Parkin – will spend the next nine months supporting the James and the new team through this transitional period.

Adrian Wray, who joined the business in January as head of sales, has also been promoted to sales and marketing director.

Elsewhere, there have been career advancements for three other key team members. Operations manager Russell Wilson has become head of operations, overseeing everything from new product development through to installations; company secretary Paul Wadsworth is now head of finance; and senior project manager Tom Foster has taken on the role of head of Leach Inspire – the group’s heritage sector brand.

The new management team marks the start of a five year journey towards Leach becoming a £25 million brand. With latest turnover figures of £11 million, bold plans to more than double the size of the business are certainly achievable, explained Richard.

‘Chargeurs is an innovation leader and a global manufacturing and services group with leading positions in its four markets and a customer portfolio spanning 80 countries,’ he said. ‘It has its sights set on worldwide revenues of €1 billion by 2022, so it is no surprise that theaspirations for Leach are so ambitious.

‘However, it has acquired the business at a pivotal point in our evolution. Established 127 years ago, Leach has stood the test of time because we have continued to innovate. With Chargeurs’ investment, the pace of this innovation, research and development, new product development and personnel advancement, will only accelerate.’

With the increased investment and opportunities on the horizon, new managing director James Lavin added: ‘By leveraging the global networks of our new owners Chargeurs we will be able to expand our offering – in the UK and overseas – meaning what could be perceived as steep growth targets are well within reach.’

When asked how he feels about working towards his retirement from the company in the spring of 2019, Richard concluded: ‘Jim and I have ploughed a vast amount of expertise and passion into Leach, and I obviously have a sentimental attachment to the business because it was founded by my great grandfather.

‘But what began life as a one man photographic studio has grown to become a 100 strong organisation with over 500 customers and the most robust management team yet. This succession strategy was a long time in the making, but I know the board is well placed to build on the Leach family legacy. I am excited to see what happens next.’

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