Bukkawaste launches UK first in waste management

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Bukkawaste has launched the UK’s first ever online waste collection service.

Following 12 months of in-depth research and development, the company has launched the online service and app in response to the trend of reduced waste collection services across the country and the increased demand by consumers.

The digital app is the first online waste collection service which allows consumers to pick a day and time that suits them for their waste to be collected from their home.​

Joe Rogers, founder and managing director of Bukkawaste, said: ‘I already had an extensive background within the waste industry and had begun to see an emerging trend of councils reducing services and consumers requesting more.

‘I took time out of my career to really investigate the industry and look how I could use my experience, knowledge and expertise and evolve it into a service that would help people.’

The Bukkawaste app is easy and simple to use. Once downloaded, a date and time for collection can be picked and then a notification will be sent to confirm the booking, as well as a reminder closer to the time. The service is available for a set price and no contract is required so is completely flexible to meet any requirements.

The app is currently available in Greater Manchester and part of Merseyside with a view to roll out across the UK in the future.

Bukkawaste works closely with the relevant standards to ensure waste is disposed responsibly and its collections are eco friendly.

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