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At Imprint MIS it is all ‘go’ currently as the MIS company appoints its new technical director – Dean Anderson.

Dean’s highly technical skillset, along with his deep knowledge of modern print, front end systems and his many years of first hand experience make him the perfect man for the role. Imprint has always been a technology driven company, so having been a core member of the company’s development team for many years, Dean’s new appointment emphasises Imprint’s commitment to its core business values.

‘We provide solutions, not just systems,’ said Dean, going on to say, ‘Imprint’s approach to sales is to seek lasting partnerships, so for me as technical director to become more closely involved in sales puts our selling procedure perfectly in line with this approach. Our first meeting with any prospective customer will be focused on gaining understanding of their business, their needs and expectations. Once we have gathered the required information we plan a tailored demonstration of a system that meets their requirements. We pride ourselves on providing bespoke solutions to exceed customer needs.’

When asked to sum up his guiding management principals Dean said he could in two words – ‘Integrity and innovation’.

Imprint MIS has a host of exciting future plans including regional events for both new and existing customers, new software in development and testing phases, growth in their technical department, advances in JDF and JMF, APIs for integration with third party software, high speed minimum input digital MIS systems and a big drive on automation. With run lengths coming down, just in time ordering and web to print, administration time needs to be minimised and ideally eradicated. Imprint is close to unveiling its latest scheduling system targeted at companies that process hundreds of small jobs with rapid turnarounds.

Right now at Imprint there is much to talk about, and with the chairman, managing director and technical director all being developers, coupled with a highly involved customer base, it is looking like exciting times for the MIS provider.

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