Paragon installs Benford’s slimline LED curing system

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Paragon, based in Rotherham, recently undertook a UV retrofit on its Sakurai 566SD litho press to speed up the printing production.

‘Having just acquired our Sakurai Oliver 566SD press and with our desire to reduce the amount of outsourcing of print jobs for one of our major clients, we explored the possibilities of retrofitting LED-UV to the press to help speed up our printing process,’ commented Kevin McGowan, operations director at Paragon. ‘We needed instant drying for print on double and single sided work that we could send directly to our finishing department without worrying about set off. The introduction of the Benford LED-UV system was our chosen route to aid us meeting our goals.’

Kevin continued, ’Making the transition from a conventional litho offset press to UV was easier than we expected. The install by Benford was fairly straight forward and the two engineers, Alan and Jeff, were helpful on all aspects of print not just the curing system and stayed with us until we were fully satisfied and comfortable with its operation.’

‘From an operator’s point of view it is very user friendly, a few buttons to turn it on in the morning then it takes care of itself. It is low maintenance and uses a lot less energy than conventional UV devices.’ Kevin concluded. ‘I would recommend the Benford LED-UV system to anyone who has requirements to turnaround jobs on both coated and uncoated substrates in short periods of time. Previously, we spent a lot of time waiting on jobs to dry before we could finish them. Our press now delivers what we have experienced within our digital arena for a long time, print, finish and ship in hours and minutes rather than days.’

‘We have completed quite a few LED installations recently, some just LED and some our Dual UV system which has LED, eco and conventional UV,’ explained Marc Boden from Benford UV. ‘It is a very interesting time at the moment in the UV printing arena.’


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