Xaar 5601 enables fast integration for Kelenn Technology


Kelenn Technology, renowned for producing a range of print systems which are simple in design and reliable whilst being technically advanced, has chosen the Xaar 5601 printhead for its latest document duplex printing system. The company commenced its development project with the Xaar 5601 because the printhead delivers an outstanding cost model for end users alongside high definition print quality at very high speed.

Based in France, and exporting print systems globally, Kelenn manufacturers a range of industrial solutions for inkjet printing, automatic vision inspection, tracking and shipping for industrial production centres. The company has an enviable track record of rapidly developing new systems in response to customer demand. Its machines are used to print, count, identify, measure and track products in real time on the very fastest manufacturing lines.

‘We chose the Xaar 5601 because it allows us to produce a very competitive print system, offering real value to our customers,’ said Didier Rousseau, CEO at Kelenn. ‘Xaar’s support and knowledge sharing has been excellent. We pride ourselves on our ability to get to market quickly with our new products. For this particular project, the speed of development was helped by the close technical collaboration with all of the Xaar team. We looked at many of the MEMs printheads on the market; both Xaar and the Xaar 5601 came out on top.’

Founded in 2006, Kelenn has a significant track record of innovation in the industrial printing market. Its successes include being the first to deliver an 850 mm wide print bar at 600 dpi, inventing sliced architecture for print engines, Keos, and delivering the fastest CMYK print engine with dynamic thickness compensation for mixed mail pieces and packaging. More recently Kelenn delivered one of the first and fastest 1200 dpi single pass CMYK print engines for finishing lines (in 2015) and the first cost effective large web print tower (in 2018).

‘Kelenn is a technically capable OEM trusted by its customers for delivering solutions that meet their demanding requirements,’ commented Jason Remnant, senior product manager at Xaar. ‘We are delighted to see Kelenn is maximising the benefits of some of the key features designed into the Xaar 5601. I am very much looking forward to seeing the finished print system which will demonstrate how the Xaar 5601’s compact print zone (which a number of our OEMs are interested in) contributes to the excellent print quality as well as the overall cost of the machine.’

The Xaar 5601 is an exceptional performer making it ideal for printing textiles, laminates, packaging, labels and commercial print as well as many other applications. The design and the Silicon MEMS manufacturing processes used in the production of this printhead challenge digital inkjet machine integration costs, allowing OEMs to address new markets and new opportunities, accelerating the analogue to digital conversion in major commercial and industrial print applications.

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