The Basa 3 takes Route 1 Print’s cutting automation to the next level

November 22, 2018

Print Solutions


Route 1 Print has automated almost half of its cutting production by installing a BaumannWohlenberg Basa 3 automatic jogging and handling system.


Purchased from Friedheim international, the £320,000 investment connects three high speed cutters together to completely automate the cutting process.

After looking at competing manufacturers the BaumannWohlenberg system won out due to its format size and the large variety of materials it could automatically process. The jogging and handling system is perfect for the high production runs and large format work at which Route 1 Print excels. The system offers touch screen simplicity, as well as both in line and off line solutions. The machine can handle all types of papers (upwards of 60 g/m2), several types of label papers, cardboard (up to 300 g/m2), foils, certain types of plastics, and perforated and embossed paper and cardboard. The Basa also includes a carton inserter, de-stacking unit and a counting device so that a myriad of different printed products can be processed automatically and sorted accordingly.


Route 1 Print managing director, Adam Carnell said, ‘Before the BASA 3 we were running everything manually. It is a lot of work for our staff to be handling, especially the sheer volume we were processing. Now everything is running on automatic. There was a period of having to get used to a machine moving the way it did, but now that it’s been running for a few weeks the volume of work it can processes is amazing.


‘We have worked with Friedheim for years now and have great faith in their support system. With such an automated machine it is very important to have professionals dealing with the maintenance and we couldn’t be happier with Friedheim in this regard. We know that we are being looked after and that any issue is treated with the importance it deserves.’






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