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Colour management expert GMG has revealed next year's training programme. The portfolio has been restructured to fulfil customer needs even better. The two to three day workshops provide valuable first hand expert knowledge in order to ensure economic processes and high quality results.

The GMG Academy provides practical customer training to improve rentability of hard and software investments. The new 2019 programme includes:

Colour management and standardisation

From April 2 to 4 GMG provides broad knowledge in colour spaces and spectrophotometry. Participants will learn all the important aspects about standardization and proofing.

Digital printing – Process control and profiling

From May 21 to 23 participants will discover how to master digital print processes, including which parameters are important and how to control them. In focus: How to use GMG ColorServer in a professional and efficient way and how to convert files from one printing system to another. In addition: How to create individual profiles.

Packaging: Proofing and separation

From November 5 to 7 participants will become acquainted with the complete colour management process chain for packaging print production using the latest GMG technology. They will learn to understand technical correlations and background in order to master their own processes in colour coordination with efficiency and communicate better with customers and suppliers.

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