Epson invites textile design students to get hands-on in colour workshop at Birmingham City Universi

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BA Textile Design students have had an in-depth day looking at colour space and begin guided to achieve the very best quality printed results with inkjet technology.

Epson ran a hands-on day for BA Textile Design students at Birmingham City University (BCU) and the printed textiles senior technical demonstrator Kelly-Marie Sifleet says it was ‘one of the most beneficial workshops our staff and students have attended’.

The day unravelled any uncertainty about colour space and the reasons for setting up their files in RGB. Epson then showed students their files printed from different settings so that the theoretical knowledge was translated into practical results. The students printed their designs to different fabrics as well as producing quality t-shirts they could be proud to wear at this workshop.

Téa Dawkins, a student who attended, said: ‘I thoroughly enjoyed the Epson colour workshop. I gained a lot of insight into the different things to consider when digital printing. My favourite tip of the day was to always have your colour profile as Adobe RGB for dye sublimation work to maximise your colour space. I am sure this ‘need to know’ tip will really help when making sure my colour palettes are correct.’

Her view is echoed by fellow student Eleanor Brown, who said: ‘I found the ‘insight into colour’ workshop very worthwhile. Moving forward I have a lot more confidence applying accurate colour management to my work.’

The Epson partnership with Birmingham City University is now three years old and has proved mutually beneficial. Epson have gained from the ideas, creativity and thoughts and concerns of the next generation of textile designers and their mentors while BCU has benefitted not just from working with Epson technology but with competitions, some adopted as degree modules, and from the shared technical knowledge and information imparted in workshops like the hands-on day.

Zoë Hillyard, senior lecturer in Textile Design, said: ‘Epson’s collaboration with BA Textile Design at BCU goes from strength to strength. Students have benefitted from Epson’s generosity in terms of resources and have also appreciated the expertise imparted during various colour workshops.

‘Live projects have led to innovative design ideas being generated and students have been thrilled to see their designs showcased on the international stage and in industry journals. A lucky few have received an Epson Industry Award at the end of the academic year.

‘The experience, confidence and industry insights students have gained from the collaboration have been invaluable. It has helped them to secure work placements and take the skill of working with colour into diverse career directions. Links continue between Epson and some of the alumni, providing additional support to our graduates as they enter the industry.’

BCU students are starting work on a new brief to create eye catching designs which will be shown on Epson’s Fespa 2019 stand (14 to 17 May, Munich).

Heather Kendle, market development manager at Epson Europe, said: ‘For Epson, links with education are a key strategy. It is immensely rewarding to see students uncover the power of digital print and for us to be able to showcase their ideas and deliver creativity. It is immensely encouraging to see this next generation of designers coming through with their genuine passion and give them a live commercial brief that lets them colour our world.’

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