Macpac is launching Breakdown PET at Packaging Innovations

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Macpac is to present Breakdown PET on stand D30 at Packaging Innovations.

Macpac says that Breakdown PET naturally decomposes in a few years rather than centuries. The material is both fully recyclable and biodegradable. It has the same characteristics as standard R-PET with at least 90% recyclable content but has the added benefit of an end of life solution.

Breakdown PET is not primarily designed for landfill but for recycling – just as conventional R-PET is.

For a number of reasons, billions of plastic containers find their way into landfill. Breakdown PET provides a viable solution to these discarded containers enabling a greatly accelerated decomposition in landfill. The naturally occurring micro-organisms that live in landfill love carbon and landfill sites are filled with it! Macpac acknowledges there is a lot of carbon in plastic but the company says that it is in the long polymer chains which are difficult for micro organisms to consume and that is the root of the problem. Breakdown PET makes the chains smaller and easier to break down.

Macpac explain that Breakdown PET has an additive composed of organic compounds that attract microbes when placed into microbe rich environments. There are no enzymes or microbes within the additive. Collectively they feast on the polymer chains breaking down the chemical bonds that hold the plastic together. Leading to biodegradation.

Macpac is inviting visitors to the show to come to its stand D30 to hear more about Breakdown PET or to make an appointment to speak to one of their specialists to learn more about the product.

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