Macsa ID UK D-5005 UV laser marking system is the tops for beverage industry

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Macsa ID UK is highlighting the suitability of its powerful D-5005 UV laser for fast, legible and high contrast marking on the coloured plastic bottle lids widely used across the beverage industry.

Today’s drinks bottle cap market is worth approximately €1500 million in Europe with some 250,000 million lids manufactured annually. Protecting against spills, leaks and tampering, the latest multifunctional bottle cap designs increasingly feature a wide range of styles, shapes, sizes and colours.

In particular, the beverage lid colour influences the marking requirements. It is essential to choose a laser marking system that provides high contrast, quality marking on the entire surface of the cap, even on the inside.

Macsa ID’s powerful D-5005 UV laser applies indelible, high contrast marking on coloured plastic lids without damaging the surface in any way. It is also capable of operating at the high speeds (up to 162 metres per minute) required by the beverage industry.

The D-5005 UV laser system can be easily installed and integrated into virtually any beverage production line. Alternatively, it can be used in conjunction with Macsa ID’s range of advanced workstations for standalone applications.

Macsa ID’s D-5005 UV laser is a DPSS model with an ideal wavelength to obtain a perfect contact when marking the thermoformed polymers that do not usually achieve a good result with conventional laser equipment and often require chemical additives which are often not permitted in all of the food and beverage market.

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