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Fashion is a circle: trends, we know, tend to come back and become new must haves. And it is precisely from the fashion world that appreciation for the printed paper has recently emerged. In February, Dolce&Gabbana gave an interview to Vogue Italia to the cry of ‘Power to the Press’, highlighting the charismatic force of printed paper, a media chosen by the two designers for their new Spring/Summer 2019 advertising campaign. On the same wavelength also Giorgio Armani, who in an exclusive interview for Il Sole24Ore declared his love for printed paper: ‘I have a special relationship, a physical one, with paper: I like the typical smell of a freshly printed newspaper, the crispness of the glossy pages of a magazine. It may sound strange, but I always have the feeling that printed words and images can be touched, that they become eternal’.

‘For years we have been discussing the crisis of paper and publishing facing a massive diffusion of new digital media, but perhaps we are now witnessing a new prosperity of quality printing,’ commented Vincenzo Cirimele, CEO of PressUp, a leading tech company in online printing services. ‘The era of bulk printing is gone; what brands and communication agencies are asking for today are high quality products, capable of highlighting their messages with sophisticated colour tones, refined finishes and ennoblements which enhance both brand and message, containers and content. He added, ‘Companies need to tell their story and men, while adapting to technology, can’t do without a physical dimension of communication. The printed word still has its charm. The beauty of a photo combined with the tactility of paper, the pleasure of reading on such material cannot be replaced by a screen.’

Active since 2010, PressUp has founded its exponential growth on the excellent combination of typographic know how, innovative concept of online sales and uncompromising quality control along the entire supply chain, to which today is added the opening to European markets. Among the core products are certainly magazines, catalogues and books which continue to register a growing double digit year on year trend (+18% over 2017). In order to manufacture those products, the company employs latest generation technology in offset and digital printing, and cutting edge finishing and ennoblement systems. Add to this a wide selection of materials, including premium, refined and eco friendly paper. The result is printed applications that aim at qualitative excellence, offered to purchase online even for small runs. ‘For years we have collaborated synergistically with numerous publishers who rely on our production because they find an efficient and versatile interlocutor, able to offer different and innovative solutions. And we will do even more in the near future, thanks to two exclusive technologies that we are implementing in our production department. They are first installations in the world and will allow us to make our proposal even more unique and appealing for those who, in addition to speed of execution, efficient service and competitive prices, seek quality excellence,’ said Vincenzo, maintaining confidentiality on the brands of the new systems that will soon be revealed to the market.

Therefore, PressUp confirms its propensity to widen the range, not only by focusing on new items but also on refined finishing solutions, as it did first by proposing Pantone printing and saddlestitching binding online. An artisanal workmanship that the company has been able to industrialise and propose in a modern key for valuable prints that last over time. Added to this are perfect bindings, staple bindings and special finishes such as hot stamping with gold and silver and letterpress printing, a technique that typically requires the special care of handicraft but with PressUp can be ordered online, obtaining a product with an ancient flavour made with latest-generation technologies.


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