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Following up on the success of last year’s webinar series, the Ghent Workgroup is organising seven new webinars. The series kicks off on April 11, with an introduction to PDF and the PDF/X standards and will cover both introductory and more advanced topics. All webinars are presented by industry experts connected to the GWG with many years of experience in their respective fields. The full agenda is available on the Ghent Workgroup website at: ‘The Ghent Workgroup has two core tasks,’ explained Cindy Van Luyck, chief marketing officer at Chili Publish and marketing officer of the Ghent Workgroup. ‘The first one is to create specifications and best practices, which is very challenging from a technical point of view. The second task is to help educate the graphic arts market, which is equally challenging as it involves translating that deep technical knowledge to people who need to use it in practice in the field. As we saw last year, organising webinars is an effective way to reach people and do just that.’

A year ago, the Ghent Workgroup also organised a series of eight webinars, and through those reached over 1500 people to date. That number continues to rise as all webinars have been recorded and are still available online here

This new webinar series will also be recorded, and the video recordings will be made available on the website or on the Ghent Workgroup’s new YouTube page here

The final list of topics and the links to subscribe to the webinars are available on the Ghent Workgroup’s website under the events section. Following sessions have already been confirmed. What is PDF and PDF/X?, April 11, David van Driessche (callas software) An introduction to the PDF standard, the ISO PDF/X standards built on it, and how this forms the foundation of all Ghent Workgroup specifications. Digital printing, April 18, Elli Cloots (EFI) and David van Driessche (callas software) The Ghent Workgroup recently released new Digital Printing specifications. Learn all about what is in those new specifications and how they can benefit you. PDF creation and workflow strategies, May 7, Frank Vyncke (Hybrid Software) and David Zwang (Zwang & Company) Creating good PDF, and how to deal with PDF in your workflow shouldn’t be a black art. Join this session for practical information on what to do when. Large format print, May 8, David van Driessche (callas software) and Elli Cloots (EFI) Large format priting is a complex and varied field that places many requirements on the PDF files used in it. Learn about the new Ghent Workgroup specification for LFP during this session. Packaging for brand owners, May 29, Christian Blaise (agileStreams) and Lieven Plettinck (Esko) As early as 2003, the Ghent Workgroup started its efforts around the use of PDF in packaging. What is happening with that in 2019 and why is this so important for brand owners? PDF 2.0 and PDF/X-6, June 6, Dov Isaacs (Adobe) We have been using PDF 1.x for 25 years. Why was it necessary to create PDF 2.0 and what is new in it? The facts on a new PDF format and the PDF/X standard that is being built using it. How to set up colour management for creatives and print buyers, June 13, Joris Verbouwe (Kodak) Problems with colour can often be avoided if all used applications are configured correctly and the contractual expectations for colour are set ahead of time. Find out how, and what best to do during this session.

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