Froosh chooses metal packaging from crown for healthy snack concept

March 20, 2019

Packaging Solutions


Scandinavian smoothie brand Froosh has chosen metal packaging to house its 

growing family of fruit smoothies. 


Responding to consumers’ need for fresh, nutritious snack items readily available to them, the thick blend of fresh fruit is packaged in sleek, bowl

shaped food cans from Crown.


The single serve container includes a separate compartment full of tasty, 

crisp granola and a spoon, maximising convenience.




The innovative fruit smoothies tap into many current consumer trends 

healthy eating, sustainability and greater convenience on the go.


Therefore, brands with designs on a successful year will have to strike the 

correct balance between the three to fulfil the needs and requirements of consumers. 



The metal bowl was selected for many reasons, but the fact that the format 

is 100% and infinitely recyclable and lightweight were key influencers.


The bowl also extends product shelf life due to its ability to provide a hermetic barrier between light and oxygen and the product within.

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