The Label Makers creates new look for Bol’s healthy food pots

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Bol has teamed up with The Label Makers to revamp the packaging of its soup, salad and veg pot range. Previously using flexo printed labels, Bol has taken advantage of The Label Makers new Durst RSC to benefit from a digital print solution.

Bol produces healthy fast food, with a 100% plant based offering for the booming food to go market. The vivid, bright colours of the fresh produce inside are complemented by an eye popping, sharp, modern packaging design that exploits the transparency of the containers.

The Durst was the clear choice for this production, with Bol requiring the flexibility to tweak and alter the design during the process, without causing delay or significant additional costs. Traditional printing methods would have required a new set of plates for every design change, but Bol benefitted from the speed enjoyed with printing digitally.

Offering a range of advantages including a 98% match to Pantone, the Durst achieves an extremely high definition of process imagery and a higher opacity with the white ink than the previous flexo label. The printed inks passed a rigorous testing procedure at a third party packing company under extreme hot and cold temperatures, confirming that this really is premium, quality packaging.

Bol’s design manager said, ‘The Label Makers is truly pioneering in the printing industry with techniques available nowhere else in the UK. As a start up we wanted the flexibility to quickly change our branding and to be able to adapt to our growing volumes – The Label Makers was the perfect partner for us to achieve this. The company is innovative and forward thinking, and uses its expertise in the field to come up with ways to achieve any new results that we would like.

‘We plan to continue working with the company due to the great results it produces and wonderful customer service.’

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