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Birkner 2019 – International PaperWorld

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With the 82nd edition of Birkner – International PaperWorld, the publishing of this successful and useful handbook continues.

Birkner is a comprehensive business directory of the international paper industry.

The new revised edition with its information regarding location, management, machines, raw material, products, services and brands reflects the very fast and dynamic product and market development in this industry.

It includes more than 28,000 company profiles from 153 countries, inform regarding new or modified products, process technologies and company structures.

Volume 1 contains six chapter with the company information for manufacturers of pulp, wood pulp, paper and cardboard, paper and cardboard manufacturers, buyers 'guides of manufacturers and processors, brands and trade marks, dealers and buyers' guides. We round off the first volume with the atlas of paper factories.

Volume 2 offers company information for the recycled paper trade, service companies, supplying industry, product register of the supplying industry, associations and institutions, as well as the trade journals in six chapters. The second volume ends with the General Index, the search register for both volumes.

Access to the regularly updated internet database www.paper-world.comwith up to date company profiles, company and trade news, multilingual search and export functions as well as worldwide digital maps, complements the printed book.

For more information, or to order your copy of Birkner, please e-mail e-mail


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