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SAi initiates collaborative artificial intelligence research project with Oxford University

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SAi has announced that it is partnering with Oxford University to undertake a three year research project that will explore the possibility of developing an artificial intelligence (AI) assisted software solution. If the project is successful, this would be the first AI tool of its kind within the sign industry.

During the initial stage, researchers from the university’s Department of Engineering Science will use aggregate data to determine the common trends and behaviour of sign designers. If clear patterns emerge, a software which aids large format print providers and sign and display companies when designing signage, could be brought to market in the future.

In line with SAi’s ethos of value added solutions, the project follows an increased demand from large format printers and sign makers to reduce the time spent at the design stage. The software envisaged by the project could serve to inspire designers with suggestions, including best practice fonts, images and layouts, that the AI tool is trained to provide. Beyond this, it could reduce the time and cost restraints currently faced by large format print providers and sign shops.

‘We are very excited about the potential of this AI research as it represents another move to bring new technologies to the sign industry. After all, pushing the frontiers of innovation to develop tools that will make the lives of our customers easier, is what SAi is all about,’ said Gudrun Bonte, vice president of Product Management at SAi.

‘Businesses are often compromised by the time consuming design phase, with very little of the costs transferred to their customers. With AI, print providers and sign shops may also be able to recruit designers from a wider pool of applicants. This will secure more time and resources to dedicate to increasing their profit margins and revenue streams,’ she concluded.

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