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Significant investment for bpi stretchfilms’ Bridgwater site

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bpi stretchfilms, a leading producer of pallet stretchwrap, has announced a multi-million pound investment in its manufacturing facility at Bridgwater, Somerset. This significant investment in a fully automated conversion centre includes the installation of seven new conversion machines for conventional and pre-stretched hand film. Once commissioned, the new machinery will increase capacity at the site to 15,000 tonnes of cast machine film and 8000 tonnes of hand film and this in turn, will create circa 20 new full time positions at the site.

The Bridgwater factory is an advanced manufacturing facility specialising in the production of polyethylene film for robust packaging designed to protect palletised products from damage throughout the supply chain. bpi stretchfilms’ durable pallet wrap range not only keeps goods dry and free from contamination but importantly provides load stability to keep goods stable in transit, handling and storage.

Reflecting the fact that all products produced at Bridgwater are manufactured to the highest quality levels and environmental standards the site holds the ISO 9001 quality accreditation standard and the ISO 14001 environmental accreditation standard.

The new conversion centre will benefit from the very latest production technologies and will become the business’s Conversion Centre of Excellence for both its blown and cast extrusion hand films and its range of pre-stretched hand and machine film. As such it will enable bpi stretchfilms to supply a complete range of pallet stability solutions from one manufacturing point.

Commenting on the investment, Kurt Grazier, commercial director, said: ‘bpi stretchfilms is committed to investing back into its facilities to ensure its product portfolio remains at the cutting edge. This project gives us an excellent platform for further product innovation and future capacity expansion.’

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