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Stratasys and Solvay partner to bring new FDM materials to market


Stratasys has established an authorised materials partner programme – designed to expand the range of high performance polymers available to manufacturers leveraging Stratasys’ fused deposition modelling process using FDM Technology in 3D printing applications. As an initial step, advanced materials leader Solvay has been selected to help launch the programme and deliver new polymers for the Stratasys F900 3D printer.

For more than two decades, Stratasys has helped customers engineer durable, highly repeatable 3D printed parts for high performance environments leveraging its advanced materials – including FDM Nylon 12CF, FDM TPU 92A, and Antero 800NA PEKK based material. Under the authorised materials partner programme, Solvay will access exclusive tools and Stratasys expertise to develop materials aligned with the company’s quality and performance benchmarks. The partners will share an authorised partner materials roadmap to guide Solvay’s selection and development of materials for Stratasys FDM printers.

‘Stratasys is committed to expanding our portfolio of advanced, specialised materials for high performance FDM printers – enabling manufacturers to readily use 3D printing for production applications,’ said Rich Garrity, president, Americas, for Stratasys. ‘By combining our expertise with Solvay, customers can make use of a broad range of high performance applications – all while maintaining the level of quality and reliability expected from Stratasys high performance FDM consumables.’

‘With this strategic partnership, we are combining Stratasys’ leadership in fused deposition modelling 3D printing with Solvay’s leadership in developing high performance, AM ready materials for the most demanding applications in a large number of industries,’ said Christophe Schramm, business manager for Additive Manufacturing in Solvay’s Specialty Polymers Global Business Unit. ‘This is fully in line with Solvay’s ambition to push the limits of high performance additive manufacturing.’

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