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Cepac unveils innovative new e-commerce range

Packaging Solutions

Cepac has unveiled a new range of exciting and adaptable packaging solutions for the e-commerce market.

Focusing upon its in-house print capability, in combination with innovative, flexible box design and Speedy Tape taping equipment, Cepac is now able to offer high quality print on both the interior and exterior of e-commerce packs. These latest packaging solutions align perfectly with retailer branding, enhancing the retail experience at home via highly impactful pack reveal of the retailers’ products.

With options for HD flexo, litho and digital print, the range is aimed at all e-commerce clients seeking to grow their business by enhancing the customer experience, using sustainable packaging that can truly reflect the calibre and characteristics of their brand and bring key messages to their clients. The packaging is targeted to all retailers from clothing brands and fitness specialists to confectionery sellers and subscription boxes. The design of the packaging is fully adaptable to the customers’ needs.

The packaging features an innovative assembly mechanism across the range, with tear tape opening and double sided tape, making the boxes re-sealable as required.

Ken Smith, business development director for Cepac, said: ‘This exciting addition to our product range focuses on offering clients the opportunity to extend the luxury retail experience into customers’ homes. By extending branded high quality print to the inside of the packaging, coupled with external printing, retailers can create the desired ‘impact reveal’ for their products.

‘The combination of our market leading print capability with our experience and expertise in producing tailored Performance Packaging solutions enables us to offer ecommerce clients great opportunities to grow their businesses by enhancing their customers’ experience at home. At this early stage we’ve already had excellent feedback from a number of retailers, who have responded very positively to the products, which maximise product presentation and reveal by using the highest quality print and packaging technology.’

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