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Versafire Wedding Kit: print sample folder provides inspiration for new products

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Engaged couples invest a lot of time, money, and emotion to have the most beautiful day of their lives. Weddings are extremely emotional occasions with unforgettable moments. The couple is counting on quality, individuality, and their story being told. Before, on, and after the special day, the printed products need to be very special. Print shops that act as a one stop shop are the preferred go to here. And, they can get inspiration from the new Versafire Wedding Kit. The print sample folder from Heidelberg illustrates the diverse applications of the Versafire digital printing system for weddings with seven sample products.

The Versafire Wedding Kit is available to order free of charge at

‘We want to show our customers who use a Versafire EV or EP digital printing system the kind of products they can offer to serve the event market. Both for the end consumer and for the wedding market,’ explains Manuela Gomez, general manager Versafire at Heidelberg. ‘All products can be appropriately personalised with the Versafire , which increases their intrinsic value.’

Everything is included in the Versafire Wedding Kit: from the sticker for the bachelor party, to the invitations and menus, to the name cards and thank you card. Using finished products, the kit illustrates the wide variety of sophisticated substrates such as self-adhesive and transparent materials or trendy natural paper with texture.

Weddings are a time for refinement – as illustrated by the thank you card on metalized paper. With white as a fifth colour before the primary colours, parts of the card are covered to make the other parts of the metallic effect really pop. The copper coloured gift box, which the bride and groom can fill with a chocolate, is pre-cut and easy to put together. The Versafire EP can process grammages of up to 470 g/m2.

The landing page on the website lists the partners that worked with Heidelberg on the wedding kit; the various materials are available to order if interested.

The Versafire Wedding Kit is actually the second themed sample folder. Last year’s Winter Kit with samples around the theme of winter sales was very well received. ‘We see ourselves as our customers’ partner, and together want to contribute to their success. That is why we set up the first digital print forum in March of this year to open a dialog on the possibilities offered by our products,’ said Manuela.

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