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The YouWood collection rides the eco wave

Packaging Solutions

The genie is out of the bottle! A new consciousness is changing the way consumers look at packaging. In the quest for sustainable formats, there is a return to natural materials. Like wood. The ever expanding YouWood collection from beauty packaging manufacturer and provider Quadpack rides this new natural wave in style. YouWood’s attractive wooden caps, lids and cases are crafted at Quadpack’s own manufacturing facilities using ash wood that has been harvested from sustainably managed forests – an asset to any brand.

Importantly, durable ash wood also has lovely aesthetic qualities. With a defined, irregular grain, no two pieces of the YouWood collection are exactly alike, affording a sense of individuality and ‘ownership’ in the user. Ash wood provides a warm background on which to apply pad, screen and laser printing, or even gold leaf for a peak premium touch.

The YouWood family is now more comprehensive than ever, featuring versatile jars, pots, tubes and bottles as well as a lip gloss, mascara and compact. The latest member is a smart, cylindrical lipstick with a slick click closure.

Refillable lipsticks are the latest in sustainable make up formats. The YouWood lipstick comes with an optional refilling mechanism that is easy to recharge, and provides an intuitive, cost-and-residue saving feature that will make consumers feel good.

As the demand for natural skincare and cosmetics diversifies, consolidates and grows, so will the YouWood collection, with new references and combinations just made for the riding the new eco revolution.

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