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Antalis announces New Coala Textiles for large format digital

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Antalis has launched new Coala Textiles, a range of coated polyester printable textiles for signage and decoration. An addition to the Coala range of large format digital media, the introduction of textile products comes in response to the increasing trend for bespoke and personalised signage and decoration in commercial and residential environments.

The products have been selected for their versatility and as a more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional PVC materials. The range includes products suitable for a large variety of applications, including signage that is frontlit, backlit, blockout, stretch and flag, and for specialist decoration like wallcovering, acoustic dampening and indoor and outdoor sunshades. All of the products are tactile, lightweight, versatile, easy to install and to clean, and are fire rated.

Coala Textiles complement the existing Coala Walldesign range of wallpapers. The complete portfolio has been developed to enable large format specialists, and commercial printers looking to diversify their offering, to capitalise on the growing opportunities presented by the interior design market.

Highlights from the 100% polyester Coala Textiles collection include Coala Textile Backlit City which has a very tight structure making it ideal for backlit or front lit graphics. It produces flawless high quality images when rear illuminated. Coala Textile Stretch offers ideal opacity and stretch for architectural and geometric applications. Finally, Coala Textile Sound Touch is a sound absorbing semi sheer fabric, particularly interesting for use within public buildings and workplaces.

Mike Collins, visual communication product manager Antalis, commented: ‘The trend to create bespoke, personalised interiors within both commercial and residential markets continues to grow. Antalis has developed the best possible range of textile media that will provide our customers with both the scope and quality they need to tap into the interior design market.’

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