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New version of Easy Cut Studio

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EasyCut Studio has announced the launch of its new edition of its software. Easy Cut Studio now supports the ability to design in vector and cut the design with a Mutoh Kona, Mutoh SC, Gerber FasTrack, or Liyu SC-A vinyl cutter. Exclusive print and cut technology allows you to print designs to a colour printer and then cut them out with your Mutoh cutter.

Easy Cut Studio is one of the most popular and widely trusted vinyl cutting applications for Mac and Windows. support for all the latest as well as legacy vinyl cutters. The software is packed with a large selection of tools and features for designing and laying out all types of signs, posters, decals, lettering, and graphic artwork to be cut out using a vinyl cutter. You can also open bitmap graphics or scan logos and convert them into cuttable vector graphics. With countless features and advanced cutting settings, Easy Cut Studio will make your sign design and cutting tasks a pleasure while increasing quality and productivity.

Since it has been a while since Easy Cut Studio was released, an update was pending. According to the engineers working on the product, the update took a while since they wanted to deliver the best possible results. The team claims that over 200 different cutting plotters were tested. The team visited a number of cutting plotter manufacturers and talked to different engineers to understand their pain points. All of this helped the developers come up with a one stop vinyl cutting software with exceptional results that will help to increase your productivity.

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