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Northern Irish mailing house upgrades its cutting

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This autumn, mailing and fulfilment house Tricord will install a Polar D56 Eco guillotine, replacing a 25 year old model which was bought second hand and has been used by the Lisburn, Northern Ireland, company for the past ten years.

‘The old Polar has done fantastically well but we did look at other supplier options. We needed a cutting machine to handle A4 and A3 work, much of it digital and often two up or four up work. Our analysis showed that Polar was the best; it met the mark,’ said David Wright, general manager.

He gives four reasons for his choice. He likes the laser beam safety features, the ease of use (some other models were ‘clunky’), the Polar mark of quality and performance and the service levels offered by Heidelberg which compare very favourably with the many suppliers the company uses.

The Polar D56 Eco features a monochrome display and has 198 programme capacity for repeat formats. It has a cutting width and depth of 560 mm. The knife changing is very easy and maintenance minimal.

Tricord operates from a very modern factory and handles direct mail and multichannel fulfilment for many different sectors including retailers, financial institutions, government, leisure, education and charities.

The guillotine will improve Tricord’s productivity and quality, helping to ensure work is produced to top standard and work can be distributed globally fast and efficiently.

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