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Cidacos consumer convenience with Crown’s Orbit closure

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Cidacos, one of Spain’s premier producers of packaged vegetables, has partnered with Crown Food Europe to enhance the experience consumers have with its products by adopting the innovative Orbit closure onto its product lines of asparagus, tomato and mushroom. The process of filling jarred vegetables creates a vacuum that can make opening more difficult due to the pressures required to release the lid, especially when handling larger containers. The design of the Orbit closure overcomes this challenge, rendering it twice as easy to open when compared to conventional closures.

Developed in two parts, the closure features a central, floating panel that is vacuum sealed to the jar and an outer ring that provides further product protection and acts as the opening and re-closing device. A simple twist loosens the ring and breaks the seal from the lining compound without resistance. As a result, the torque or pressure required to open a jar is significantly reduced, making it a far simpler process for consumers of all ages.

This design makes the closure ideal for the elderly, many of whom struggle with lower dexterity. In Europe, consumers in the 60 and over age bracket represent 25% of the total population, a figure that is expected to reach 34.1% by 2060. Crown identified the need to serve this demographic with functional, user friendly packaging and the development of the Orbit closure is one of the innovations it brought to market.

Fernando Baroja, chief executive officer at Cidacos, said: ‘We have been delighted with the feedback from the market since adopting the Orbit closure for our lines of vegetables. The comments from our customers are proof of a positive step towards rolling the closure out across further ranges. In addition to enhancing convenience for our customers, the closure adds an extra level of protection throughout the supply chain, ensuring our products arrive in the best possible condition.’

From a manufacturing perspective, the Orbit closure allows the use of similar capping equipment and the same glass finishes, an advantage that enabled Cidacos to keep its original packaging jars.

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