Esko launches Share & Approve cloud based software

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Share & Approve is a new approval tool from Esko. The software runs as a service on Esko cloud architecture and enables users of Automation Engine to upload, share, annotate and approve packaging and labels jobs in 2D and hyper realistic 3D.

Esko knows that securing packaging job approvals can be a confusing process causing production delays and it is often hard for the approver to envision their 2D design once finished. In today’s high speed and often pressured business environment, there is also no easy way to gather and interpret feedback from multiple stakeholders on a job, without significant time delays impacting the project.

The Esko Share & Approve software solution enables users to realistically visualise their pack in 2D and 3D and annotate the file with feedback in a single, centralised online tool. This new clarity reduces the amount of approval iterations and shortens the time required to get the job approved enabling brands and their supply chains to operate more efficiently and drive down time to market.

Karsten Daemen, Esko product manager, commented: ‘We are very happy to see approval loops finishing in a maximum of eight to nine days instead of a few weeks, which is typical of what happens in the industry today. We have also observed the number of job revisions decreasing from eight to nine to three to four with use of the software. With the speed and complexity of packaging management today, Share & Approve is going to make a tangible difference to our customers seeking to increase their speed to market.’

Users of Share & Approve can now instantly create 3D pack renders based on their actual 2D artwork, including special print effects and embellishments. The software has a super easy user interface enabling upload and set up in only four clicks and incorporates a range of packaging inspection tools for measurements, deep zooms and separations viewing, as well as barcode and Braille reading.

Creating visibility on job management, Share & Approve provides a complete audit trail of operator actions and versioning, as well as increases approval rates up to three times faster than traditional approval processes.

Jan De Roeck, Esko marketing director, added: ‘With Share & Approve designed as a cloud based service, there is no IT overhead costs or efforts involved for our customers, compared to traditional on-premise solutions. There is no web deployment, no servers to maintain and keep up to date, no need to provide for data security and back-up scenarios and the uptime of the service is guaranteed.’

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