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Colpac redesigns chilled food to go range to optimise point of sale impact

Packaging Solutions

Following extensive customer engagement, Colpac has significantly enhanced the design of its chilled food to go packaging range, meeting UK and European wholesale and distributor demands.

Comprehensive research was carried out to fully assess customers point of fill, sale, consumption and end of life requirements for chilled food to go packaging. Responding to these insights, Colpac has re-designed the range, conducting extensive field testing during the process.

As well as redesigning the whole range of same day and longer shelf life salad packs, Colpac has significantly revised its Fuzione pack.

Increasing on shelf impact, Fuzione will now feature larger branding areas at the front and back of the paperboard base, and the rPet lid with 90% recycled content, is anti mist. The lid also features a new innovative design; the addition of corner grips provides simpler closure and raised curved profiles on all four edges that align the product perfectly for improved vertical stacking. The new design features will be rolled out across Fuzione medium and large pack sizes.

The new same day and self seal salad packs now feature an over the edge window, creating excellent visibility from the front and top and when stacked in a chiller display. A ‘push-tuck’ closing mechanism promotes secure sealing, which aids ease of closing and opening as consumers can either unlock or tear off the top.

New to the range is the salad bowl, a distinctive addition which sits between the medium and large standard salad packs. With a volume of 900 ml, the salad bowl has been designed to sit in the palm of a consumer’s hand, making it ideal for on the go consumption.

The redesign and relaunch of the chilled food to go range, which comes in different designs and boards for all fillings, provides a wealth of options for any retailer. Bespoke design options are also available across the range to maximise on shelf and brand impact.

‘As a leader in the design of food packaging solutions, it is vital that we keep our finger on the pulse of what is shaping the market, and the challenges our customers are facing. It is also essential that we continue to seek out sustainable alternatives within a market which has been dominated by single use plastic,’ explained head of marketing and product Kate Berry. ‘The re-design of the chilled food to go range is testament to the creative capabilities of our design team, and our knowledge and experience of manufacturing food to go product solutions.’

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