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Color-Logic introduces neon/fluorescent tool

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Following on from the launch of its new Pattern FX-Designs, Color-Logic has now announced the launch of a new neon/fluorescent tool, which allows graphic designers and pre-press operators to prepare artwork files for the neon and fluorescent inks currently being introduced by several digital press and printer manufacturers.

The Touch7 Photo Neon plugin is a powerful design tool that enables brands, designers, and printers to utilise these neon colours in their images. Brands are already using spot neon and fluorescent inks in packaging and signage worldwide, but Touch7 Photo Neon is the only separation tool that adds these colours into images within seconds.

Discussing the new tool, Touch7 developer and Color-Logic CTO Richard Ainge said: ‘Touch7 Photo Neon allows any designer or pre-press operator to create neon/fluorescent separations with a few clicks of the mouse. The Touch7 Photo tool helps printers add extended gamut colours into images by printing the neon separation atop the CMYK ink set. By combining neon pink with CMYK, for example, printers can produce an entirely new set of oranges and reds for their brand clients, an effect previously unachievable using CMYK inks alone.’’

Richard continued, ‘Touch7 Photo Neon works intelligently at the pixel level, automatically isolating and separating out only the cyan, magenta, and yellow components of the image. The final conversion adds as many as three additional neon or fluorescent spot colours to the original image format. For example, an RGB image that is converted using Touch7 Photo Neon will become an RGB image plus up to three neon or fluorescent spot colours. Touch7 Photo Neon does not require ICC profiles to extract the desired separations. The proprietary Touch7 Neon separation algorithms calculate the effect based on the original source pixels.

You can download the software and test it free of charge at

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