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Armani leverages 3D printing for latest ads using Colorzenith’s Massivit 1800


Emporio Armani has taken its billboard advertising to new heights with the use of large format 3D printing.

Armani has once again turned to wide format printing house, Colorzenith Milan, to produce giant dimensional billboards promoting its latest fashion and accessories collection, following the success of its previous billboard campaign in Milan.

Colorzenith has produced two oversized eagle buckles for advertising on billboards using its large format Massivit 3D printer. The eagles are exact replicas of Armani accessories found on belts in its latest collection. These 3D printed elements bring the garments in the ads to life, highlighting this elegant feature and dramatically increasing the billboards’ stopping power.

The first billboard features an eagle of 2.1 x 1.2 metres finished with metallic silver paint, bevelled plexiglass and glitter inserts. It was 3D printed in 29 hours. The 3D belt buckle, 1.8 x 1.3 metres, for the second billboard, was finished in chrome silver metallic paint and matt silver. It took just 15 hours to print.

‘Top brands continue to adopt large format 3D printing in their new launches due to the impact of dimensional signage and displays,’ commented Erez Zimerman, CEO of Massivit 3D. ‘Armani has the vision to develop fresh, crowd stopping campaigns that leverage new technologies and concepts. The ability to implement precise branding, elegance, and design combined with the impact of unexpected 3D features has generated a growing trend among brands to adopt large format 3D printing into their out of home and in-store campaigns.’

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