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Citipost Mail acts to end uncertainty over Brexit and Royal Mail price hikes

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Global downstream access mail provider, Citipost Mail has acted to reassure businesses facing uncertainty over their international mailings.

Royal Mail has informed customers that its international surcharge will increase from 3% to 6.5% on all international business services from 15 November 2019.

Factor Brexit into the equation and it is no wonder businesses are confused, explains Citipost Mail’s director of international Paul Taylor. ‘Every business is asking how it can compete after Brexit,’ said Paul. ‘Mail is a critical communication and marketing tool, especially for retailers and e-commerce promotional activity during peak times. Combine Brexit with significant tariff rises, and you can understand why businesses are concerned.’

Ahead of Brexit, Citipost Mail has invested significantly in its international mail provision and has confirmed that there will be no tariff increases for customers until the standard review times.

‘We have worked ahead of time to anticipate and respond to these challenges to work with global delivery partners to create a portfolio of international solutions including in-country for printed mail. Our aim is not just to ensure continuity of service, but cost too, and we are talking about significant savings for most businesses on their mail services, where even a minimal change in tariff can have a significant impact on costs.’

Citipost Mail has also launched its Digi-Mail hybrid mail service, enabling businesses to create mailings from a secure platform to be printed, processed and mailed in country, with typical savings of around 50%.

‘Whatever happens after Brexit, businesses need a resilient supply chain and innovative partner,’ concluded Paul. ‘It is critical that we can offer business as usual on quality, delivery and cost to enable our customers to do the same.’

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