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New Bart jar easier to recycle thanks to Beatson Clark

Packaging Solutions

The Bart Ingredients Company is doing its bit for the environment by introducing a new glass jar that can be more easily recycled – with help from glass manufacturer Beatson Clark.

Bart asked long standing partner Beatson Clark to refresh its herbs and spices packaging as part of its rebrand by redesigning its standard 95 ml spice jar to incorporate a screw cap which can easily be removed.

The previous jars featured a recyclable 5PP black plastic spoon or sprinkle cap which for stability reasons was not removable.

However black plastic is not easily detected by scanners in recycling plants so the new, improved jar now features a lighter coloured screw cap which can easily be removed, allowing the packaging to be fully recyclable.

Beatson Clark has also redesigned the 96.5 ml Bart salt and pepper grinder jars to resemble the shape as the Bart standard jar, so when ranged together on shelf, they look like they are from the same family with a more contemporary look and elegant profile.

‘After seven years in our current packaging and with plastic such a hot topic with our consumers, we wanted to take the opportunity to refresh our designs and move our packaging on to be more recyclable,’ said Alison Wilde, marketing director at the Bart Ingredients Company.

‘Our consumers love our brand with its confident, premium packaging, so it was important to ensure that Bart remained recognisable at the point of purchase. However, we wanted to elevate the individual herbs and spices to demonstrate the love and care that goes into each one. We think we have achieved that with some beautifully elegant designs.’

Bart has worked in partnership with Beatson Clark since 1995 and Alison says the two companies understand each other well.

Aaron Broadley, key account manager at Beatson Clark, commented: ‘Glass is the perfect material for this brand. Not only does it emphasise the premium nature of the product, but it also has practical advantages – people tend to keep herbs and spices in their cupboard for a long time and glass is by far the best packaging material for preserving the product.

‘Glass is also inert, which means it won’t leach any harmful chemicals and contaminate the contents inside the jar.’

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