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Geoff Neal Group selects the KH82 Stahlfolder for faster running speeds

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Geoff Neal Group has ordered the KH82 Stahlfolder, Special Anniversary Edition with SBP66H delivery, as part of an offer Heidelberg made recently to celebrate 70 years of expertise in the development of Stahlfolder folding machines. It will replace a manual folder and will give the company quicker make ready times and faster running speeds.

‘I am fully aware of the capabilities of the Stahlfolder KH82 as I worked on the machine earlier in my career. I have found the technology robust and reliable, leading to high productivity,’ said Mark Croucher, operations director.

Geoff Neal Group had been discussing this purchase with Heidelberg for a while. The launch of the Special Anniversary Edition made the decision to proceed easier and the order followed.

The Stahlfolder KH82 offers the highest degree of automation in its class. It is unmatched in its design and engineering features such as knife adjustment, side stops, belts, continuous front edge stops, and sheet ejection, all of which help make the set up and running of the machine easier for the operator. The automated cross-fold unit ensures top quality and high productivity across a wide range of applications and makes set up easy as well. Job storage is another useful feature, since jobs can now be kept and quickly recalled.


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