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C&T reports that the demand for consignment stock continues to grow

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C&T Channel Matrix (C&T) introduced a new strategy of managed consignment stock earlier this year and has announced that ten of its UK customers have already implemented this stock system.

Designed to provide an improved service to these customers, the consignment policy removes the need for customers to manage their own stock, instead providing them with a consignment stock from which they can take product, as and when it is needed.

The process starts with an initial audit of the consumption rates and a review of the order history over a six month period. The stock is then allocated and sent directly to the customer based on this data.

This relieves the need for clients to regularly monitor stock levels and reorder. C&T will replace any stock used and invoice accordingly at the end of each month. The stock is supplied on a ‘sale or return’ basis, making it even more convenient to stock products that a customer may wish to trial for the first time.

Laserline based in Stockport has been one of the first customers to benefit from the new system. Jason Adlam of Laserline said, ‘With this new system we are less likely to run out of product and it also reduces the working capital requirement within our company. C&T is able to analyse trends in product usage and increase or decrease our consignment stock accordingly. Product is held at our site and is available for immediate use, without the inconvenience of having to order from C&T.’

Ten key UK die makers, as well as larger box convertors, have already adopted C&T’s consignment strategy and this new policy has been a huge success for all those concerned.

Simon Shenton, managing director at C&T Matrix, said: ‘We are looking to expand this service to other UK and Irish users. Inventory management is a big issue for many of our customers. We aim to remove the hassle of having to manage raw material stocks and also reduce the financial burden on our customers.’


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