Quadpack’s new compostable, recyclable and reusable packaging

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Sustainability is a challenge that grows over time for packaging industries. As society evolves and demands cleaner and greener alternatives, the market pushes itself forward to launch products that bring positive innovation.

Quadpack’s Eco-warrior is a new concept that responds to the winds of change – a full pack with the minimum amount of components where the cap could be both composted and recycled. Aiming to be respectful to the environment, Eco-warrior is made of a slim glass bottle that makes the pack 13% lighter than a regular one, reducing carbon footprint in transportation while keeping resistance.

The screw neck ensures the pump can be easily separated from the bottle, making it simple to recycle and reuse both the aluminium and the glass components. The one piece cap is made of cork, a flexible, biodegradable material. Like the cork, collected from sustainably managed forests, all the materials from the pack are sourced and manufactured in Europe.

In order to limit the number of manipulations and enhance refilling at the right dosage, the Eco-warrior bottle can be directly engraved with the liquid capacity, avoiding the need for a sticker or another component to indicate volume.

Perfect for urban, environmentally conscious consumers, Eco-warrior is initially to be offered in 100 ml bottles from 2020 – other versions in 50 ml and 30 ml are under study.

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