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Sato launches the next generation SG112-ex in European market

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Sato has announced the launch of a new wide format label printer to the European market, across a number of sectors.

The SG112-ex series has enjoyed success in the Japanese market with applications in a number of key industries, such as transport and logistics, manufacturing and the automotive supply chain. The printer will now be available in Europe for the first time, offering a strong portfolio of benefits.

Designed to save operators time and improve work efficiency, the printer uses thermal transfer and direct thermal printing in continuous or tear off operation for a wide range of applications. Replacing the Sato M10e wide format label printer, the SG112-ex brings a complement of real time efficiency benefits to production workflows. The printer has applications in stock management, shipping labels and GHS labelling for chemicals.

By combining larger amounts of information on to a wide format label instead of multiple smaller labels, businesses can make significant gains in costs, time and manpower, contributing to enhanced productivity.

In addition, labels are visible from a greater distance, making information quicker and simpler to communicate in fast paced production environments. Previous testing has shown a 60% increase in process efficiency when compared to traditional 4” label print machines.

Detlev Muller, deputy managing director at Sato Europe Regional headquarters, commented: ‘The SG112-ex represents a giant step forward in high resolution large format printing. With automatic label loading and durable design, the unit is ideal for applications such as pallet labelling where quality, accuracy and speed are paramount.

‘We are delighted to offer the SG112-ex to the European market. It is an adaptable machine that brings practicality and value to each stage of the supply chain, offering real time efficiency gains.’

The machine benefits from the Sato All-In-One tool feature, which simplifies printer configuration and deployment, allows remote configuration of multiple units from a central location and consolidates many of the separate software utilities into one integrated application.

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