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Kall Kwik City make a quick finish with the Kasfold bookletmaking system

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Kall Kwik City has revolutionised the time it takes to finish booklets with the installation of a Kasfold Sprint 3000 bookletmaker and trimmer from Ashgate.

Previously all booklets were manually finished. ‘It took no time to print them on our Xerox 180 digital press but it was a slow and laborious job to fold, staple and guillotine the booklets by hand,’ said Simon Rumball, print room manager.

Everything changed after visiting Ashgate’s stand at a recent exhibition where Simon and his son, George, who is the managing director of Kall Kwik City, saw the bookletmaker being demonstrated.

Simon, who is relatively new to the print industry, was immediately impressed with how simple and straight forward it was to operate.

A collated set of up to 25 sheets plus card cover is fed into the bookletmaker, a photocell starts the bookletmaking cycle, leaving the operator both hands free for loading the next set. The set is jogged from both sides, centre stapled with pro-clenched flat staples, folded and front edged trimmed, if required.

Kall Kwik City opted for the TR2 on line front edge trimmer, which saves hours of time trimming booklets on a conventional guillotine. Each booklet is individually clamped and the scissor section knife trims each booklet perfectly. The cutting action can be turned off if a job is needed without trimming.

‘What took five hours now takes twenty minutes,’ said Simon. ‘We finish anywhere between 100 to 600 A4 or A5 books, or sizes in between if they are self published, for a wide range of customers. Sometimes a bookletmaking job arrives in the morning and is required by 4.30 pm the same day. This was always a challenge, but no longer. The results are far better than hand finishing because the machine is accurate. If the covers are lightweight we don’t have to pre-crease them. There is no marking on the paper even though we mainly use silk stock.’

The machine is easy to adjust to meet the changing sizes. There is a choice of 44/6 mm, 44/8 mm heavy duty gauge staples depending upon the job. Simon can even adjust the machine and the paper to finish A5 landscape format although Ashgate recommends the KF640 bookletmaker for A4 landscape booklets and up to 640 mm sheet lengths.

‘This compact, good value machine has certainly made a huge difference in getting booklets out of the door more quickly and meeting customers’ urgent demands. We now have the facility to take on more of this kind of work.’ he concluded.

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