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Spectra creates new pack range for Topp Skincare

Packaging Solutions

Topp's three step anti ageing skincare system for men takes advantage of Spectra’s highly versatile tubular collection, with six extrusion blow moulded packs in HDPE.

Dan Smith, field sales representative at Spectra, said: ‘Topp’s packaging perfectly illustrates the flexibility of our popular tubular design, highlighting the moulding benefits of HDPE with its sharp shoulder contours and smooth feel.’

The new range also shows the breadth of Spectra's tubular offering with the beard oil in 30 ml, the post shave balm in 50 ml and the beard wash, shave lotion and face wash products in 75 ml.

For an environmental solution, the Topp Body Wash in 250 ml, was also made using Spectra's HDPE sugarcane based biopolymer.

Spectra also provided exact colour matching and stylish silk screen printing, with the packs complemented by flip top, disc and non aerosol over caps from the company’s extensive closure ranges.

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