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Talking Print launch Talkies – a self-service personalised audio card and video book tool

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Talking Print, a company that helps brands and consumers bring print to life with audio, lights and video, has announced the launch of its Talkies service.

The first of its kind, Talkies enables consumers and businesses, along with printers, marketing and creative agencies, to create their own high quality, personalised audio cards and video books online, on-demand.

Using Talkies, audio and video content can be easily uploaded either online or once the product arrives. The service also provides a straightforward design process, offering ready to use templates, or if customers prefer, the ability to upload their own bespoke design and imagery.

These audio cards and video books can be used by brands to deliver highly personalised, standout communications to prospective and existing customers – helping to drive sales and CRM campaigns. The service can also be used by agencies in the marketing services sector for their own corporate communications, for example to target prospective or existing clients with extremely personalised, engaging communications.

There is no minimum order quantity requirement for those using Talkies, and the products can usually be despatched within a day of ordering.

Furthermore, Talking Print offers the opportunity for organisations to white label the Talkies service.

With a long heritage in bringing print to life, Talking Print will continue to offer clients a wide range of bespoke audio, lighting and video services and consultancy in print, alongside the Talkies service.

David Hyams, the founder and managing director at Talking Print, commented: ‘It made sense to create Talkies because of the increasing demand for the audio cards and video books we produce. We are very pleased with the end result. The user friendly service enables both businesses and consumers to generate their own high quality creative, personalised communications quickly, at low cost.

‘The personalised multi-sensory communications brands can create using Talkies ensures they deliver standout with prospective and existing customers. In fact, it is a service we believe will help brands create the most original and creative marketing material they have ever seen and heard.

‘Talkies is also a service that should be embraced by suppliers in the marketing services industry, such as creative agencies, not only for their client campaigns, but their own business to business marketing efforts. It could even be an option for those last minute Christmas cards to clients!’

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