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Hine Labels makes new strides in packaging using Screen technology

Packaging Solutions

Hine Labels is expanding its application offering by manufacturing flexible printed pouches with its UV inkjet label press under the brand name of

According to Bill Hine, managing director of Hine Labels, it was a logical decision to apply its existing Truepress Jet L350UV+LM to digitally print pouches. Bill explained, ‘With its low migration inks, the press is perfect to produce premium pouches that are compliant with the strict food safety standards. This allows to differentiate its offering and enjoy a new and exciting revenue stream.’

He continued, ‘We have identified a gap in the market for digitally printed short run pouches. Our clients are looking to achieve professional packaging without the commitment of ordering larger volumes, and they are looking for multiple applications from the same provider. The Screen Truepress Jet L350UV+LM allows us to move into various different markets in order to satisfy our customer base and the ever demanding needs of a competitive market.’

Hine Labels purchased the L350UV+LM due to its low migration inks, which are compliant with the strict safety standards of food packaging. With the uptime, reliability and quality experienced when using the press, in combination with the industry leading productivity of up to 60 metres per minute, cited as reasons for the original investment.

Bill added, ‘We are all aware of the environmental concerns with regards to plastic packaging and the counterbalance of the need for a circular plastic economy. Our approach has been to look at the amount of plastics used in short run pouches and by handling the web in a different way, surface printing using inks that do not require laminating. We have managed to reduce the amount of manufacturing waste significantly (30% or more). Our solution offers a very attractive option when compared to other digital solutions.’

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