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Alzheimer’s Society and Epson partner to raise funds for people with dementia this Christmas

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Over 850,000 people are living with dementia in the UK and Christmas can be a particularly hard time for them, from the noise and confusion of parties to feelings of exclusion during festive preparations.

Printing can make things easier for anyone living with dementia staying with family and friends this Christmas – for example, printing out pictorial instructions for everyday tasks, medication reminders and illustrated labels of cupboard contents to stick on cupboard doors. Recognising this, Epson is partnering with Alzheimer’s Society this Christmas to raise money for the charity.

The company has launched a cashback scheme over the Christmas period (ending 31 January), allowing customers to donate up to £50 to Alzheimer’s Society through sales of selected cartridge free EcoTank printers. As Christmas is the year’s peak period for both consumer shopping and fundraising, the cashback scheme is expected to raise tens of thousands of pounds for Alzheimer’s Society. Epson will also be equipping some of the charity’s more remote Dementia Advisers with cost effective, low energy consumption print and scan equipment to help maximise their productivity out in the field while supporting people with dementia.

Tim Beanland, head of knowledge management at Alzheimer’s Society, said: ‘Every three minutes, someone in the UK develops dementia; every penny donated from the campaign with Epson further helps us to be there for those who need our support. Christmas can be a challenging and isolating time for the people living with dementia in the UK and their families, and routines can be disrupted during the busy festive period. We welcome the partnership from Epson in using this busy Christmas period to ask customers to contribute to our cause so that we can continue to support people with dementia.’

Charlie de la Haye, communications manager at Epson UK, said: ‘Most of us know somebody affected by dementia. It is a privilege to work with Alzheimer’s Society and to give so many of our customers a chance to make their contribution to this brilliant cause.’

The partnership between Epson and Alzheimer’s Society began in mutual recognition that print can be a valuable support tool to allow people with dementia to live better for longer at home. Frontline staff at Alzheimer’s Society have been invited by Epson to give their opinion about how printed information and photographs can help people with dementia continue to live a more independent lifestyle.


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