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BoxMart proud to be 'Made in the UK'

Packaging Solutions

As the provenance of products becomes increasingly important to socially conscious consumers, BoxMart is proud to be ‘Made in the UK’.

Concerns such as carbon emissions from manufacturing, the environmental impact of international shipping and unethical working conditions in some countries are all front of mind for today’s shoppers, which consequently makes the issue of product origin and provenance hugely important to retailers aiming to improve their social responsibility, and deliver products – and packaging – that taps into consumer trends and habits.

‘More consumers are turning to home-grown retailers as they look to play their part in the ongoing fight against climate change and ensure that the ethical standards of their chosen brands conform to their own principles,’ said Jo Offord, managing director of BoxMart. ‘The knock on effect can immediately be recognised with start ups and online retailers in particular using their social responsibility credentials as a marketing tool. Putting these important messages front and centre gives companies a vital edge as they fight for space and attention in a fiercely competitive retail sector.’

It is with that in mind that BoxMart supplies a range of recyclable gift boxes to businesses in an assortment of shapes, sizes, colours and finishes, all with the common thread that they are made in the United Kingdom.

‘We are really proud that all of our gift boxes are made in the UK,’ said Jo. ‘Obviously this supports the British manufacturing sector and our economy, but it also vastly reduces the number of ‘packaging miles’ and carbon emissions associated with transporting our boxes.’

The BoxMart range of high quality off the shelf giftbox designs can be easily customised with ribbons, tissue and shred to create a unique opening experience, while meeting the consumer’s specific needs in terms of packaging provenance and environmental impact. This in turn means brands benefit not just from the initial sale but also from fostering loyalty and building a trusting relationship with the consumer.

‘As well as our packaging solutions being made in the UK, BoxMart also specialises in flat-packed packaging,’ said Jo. ‘In fact, most of our off the shelf boxes are designed this way. The ability to transport boxes to our customers like this means that we aren’t shipping fresh air around the country, which is a huge benefit of choosing us as an eco friendly supplier.’

BoxMart offers a high quality, instantly available range of boxes in small and large quantities. Available in a multitude of colours and sizes, the boxes are designed to add extra value to both retail and e-commerce purchases, while an extensive choice of tissue and shred filling options can ensure a great unboxing experience for customers without breaking the bank.

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