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Datagraphic invests again

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Document automation company Datagraphic has announced further investment in its production centre in Rugby, Warwickshire by purchasing a new letter sorter from Böwe Systec Limited.

This announcement comes only months after the firm shared details of its Xerox Trivor 2400 HD inkjet press installation. The investments are all part of Datagraphic’s growth strategy: ensuring capacity is available for increasing volumes of same day document processing.

The Böwe Systec letter sorter can process up to 46,500 DL letters per hour to 128 sort bins, which have been set up in a two tier, two sided configuration with integrated tray drawers to achieve the best output in the smallest possible footprint (just over 15 metres long).

Sarah Butler, general manager at Datagraphic, commented: ‘Installing two significant pieces of equipment in the production centre in a matter of months has taken a real team effort and meticulous planning.’

Sarah continued, ‘Our customers trust us with time critical financial, employee and healthcare communications which we often have to print and mail within hours of receiving the data. Expanding our mail sortation and consolidation capacity ensures we continue to meet demand and do it efficiently.’

Glyn King, group managing director at Datagraphic, added: ‘We took the decision to work with Böwe Systec as researching the market it appeared to be the go-to provider for letter sortation in the UK. It also demonstrated a depth of knowledge in mail consolidation and offered a package of on-site support and preventative maintenance, which is essential for time critical operations like ours. The team at Böwe Systec in Derby specifically has worked closely with us to understand the way our business works and make the installation as seamless as possible.’

Pictured with the letter sorter (from left to right): Glyn King, group managing director and Sarah Butler, general manager, both of Datagraphic and Andy Wain, UK sales director at Böwe Systec.

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