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A winning partnership for wide format productivity

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Canon Production Printing has partnered with OneVision to offer large format graphics customers in Europe improved operational efficiencies through end to end workflow automation.

With OneVision’s Wide Format Automation Suite, printers working with Canon’s Colorado roll to roll and Arizona flatbed printer series can now increase productivity and reduce waste to support growing production volumes.

Michele Tuscano, vice president large format graphics, Canon EMEA, said: ‘Customers need to turn work around faster to meet demand, while at the same time minimising resources. Our large format printers are getting faster, so customers need a workflow solution to keep up with these increased speeds without compromising on quality. OneVision’s Wide Format Automation Suite provides the solution. Customers can now automate production to run their operations more efficiently, grow their print volumes with confidence and increase profits. Combined with our direct sales operations, OneVision represents a new business opportunity for our partner channel as well.’

The OneVision software works from the moment the order is received. It automatically picks up the job data, creates print files and checks them against 130 different error criteria, automatically correcting errors identified. Colour management is also optimised. With the Wide Format Automation Suite, perfect print ready files are created in seconds. Automated nesting and data normalisation remove the complexity of handling files, speeding up RIP and print time, as well as optimising all available space on the media by automatically arranging artwork on any given print size. The software also prepares the job for the finishing process by automatically generating cut line PDFs, saving time and effort, all with pinpoint accuracy. Printing only when it is perfect means minimal waste.

‘Our mission is to develop high performance software solutions that enable our customers to achieve maximum results – technically, commercially and qualitatively. The integration with Canon’s Colorado and Arizona printers ensures high speed production consistently throughout the entire process,’ said Hussein Khalil, CEO of OneVision Software AG.

OneVision’s CEO Hussein Khalil (left) and Canon’s vice president Large Format Graphics Michele Tuscano (right)

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