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Chocolate producer Kultasuklaa choses eco barrier paperboard

Packaging Solutions

Kultasuklaa is a Finnish family enterprise, which has been making hand finished chocolates at its factory in Finland since 1990. The company had one important wish for its new luxury ‘It’s all about love’ praline box: it had to have less plastic. In order to achieve its objective, the company collaborated with Metsä Board.

The new eco barrier paperboard MetsäBoard Prime FBB EB was selected for the package due to it being plastic free and providing suitable grease and moisture resistance. The paperboard is safe for direct food contact and provides high brightness, as well as a smooth surface with excellent printability. As the paperboard is plastic free, it does not require plastic separation and can be easily recycled.

The packaging was designed to reflect the pure and fresh paperboard. Its surface provides a pleasant touch and feel through the use of a soft touch varnish and hot foil. ‘The packaging does justice, not only to cocoa as a raw material, but also to the pralines which are pulled out from the side of the heart shaped packaging; this reinforces the product as a luxury gift and creates a feeling of pleasure and high quality. The new design and use of the eco-barrier board has also achieved our objective of reducing the plastic content whilst protecting the delicate nature of the pralines inside,’ said chocolate entrepreneur and owner of Kultasuklaa, Juri Kaskela.

The four praline box has an innovative structure: the external packaging is made from a single piece of paperboard, which forms a heart. The pralines are protected by the eco barrier paperboard on the packaging’s inner surface. The grid that keeps the pralines in place and separate is made from a single piece of eco barrier paperboard. ‘By working in partnership with Kultasuklaa on this exquisite project, we have created a new functional heart-shaped box design that is eye catching, but also protects the contents and reduces the plastic content,’ said Ilkka Harju, packaging services director, EMEA and APAC at Metsä Board.

The packaging was converted by Prem and Cadpack in Finland.

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